Sony’s mission to deliver the noise cancelling headphones has lead to the birth of the MDR-1000X. It’s a solid name, for a solid pair of headphones. The MDR-1000X is the first in the industry to have a Personal NC Optimizer so you will be able to the tailor your headphones’ noise cancelling features. It can also analyze the shape of your head and how you often wear your headphones, so you get a ‘tailor-made experience’ whenever you are listening to your music or watching a TV show or movie by yourself. You also get to listen to your media with Hi-Resolution Audio, which is supposedly the format the artist intended you to listen to. Ans if they don’t adhere to this standard, then the Sony DSEE HX upscaling brings it as close as possible to it.



One of the key features of the MDR-1000X is undoubtedly the Quick Attention mode, which enables you to have a conversation and listen to what other people are saying with the headphones still in place. The Ambient Sound Mode lets you aware of the sound around you while still having the noise cancellation features activated. It will provides a clear balance between the two.

The MDR-1000X has a 20-hour battery life in wireless mode with noise canceling on, depending on the usage and settings and will be available in two colors, namely black or gray beige. It also comes out with a durable leather case. It’ll be available in the UK starting this October and is priced at £330.

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