SteelSeries announces a new gaming headset called “Siberia 840”, it builds on the company’s existing Siberia 800 with the addition of Bluetooth. This means that the headset should work brilliantly for PC, Mac, consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4), and mobile. It offers a lag-free wireless gaming experience through a unique technology that continuously hops between frequencies, avoiding delays and interference. It also delivers an exceptionally immersive and crisp 7.1 surround sound through three different Dolby technologies to enhanced performance: Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic IIx.

The whole contraption is powered by a hot-swappable rechargeable battery packs, and weighs in at 11 oz (318 g) with a battery and 10 oz (278 gram) without. SteelSeries says the batteries should be good for 20 hours. There’s a “share port” on the headset, too, where you can plug in a second pair of headphones.


SteelSeries claim that the headsets’ wireless connectivity offers ‘zero latency’ thanks to frequency-hopping tech, and can reach as far as 30′ (or 10 m). The wireless transmitter is quite nifty: it provides both analog and optical input and output sections, as well as USB connectivity. There’s an OLED display on the transmitter that offers information about volume and EQ settings, among other things.

The Siberia 840 will play nice with the all major gaming consoles and computer operating systems, making it the ideal headset when it comes to gaming, voice calls and music streaming and chat. Users will gain full control, accessibility and visibility from anywhere in the room, as the new Siberia 840 will be equipped with an OLED Transmitter that helps to visually monitor all wireless, audio, configuration and system settings, including audio sources, profiles, and battery life, among others. The new Siberia 840 is not going to come cheap though with an asking price of $329.99 a pop.

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