Fujifilm has launched the Instax square SQ20, a brand new hybrid digital camera that replaces the SQ10 that became unveiled last year.

Similarly to Instax square film, the SQ20 also captures 1920×1920 (3.69MP) digital pictures and 800×800 soundless H.264 video at 15fps. That is the primary time “motion mode” has been available in an Instax instant camera.

A brand new body clutch function lets you shoot a fifteen-second video clip after which pick out the single frame you’d like to print using a dial at the back of the cam.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Instant Camera Features

The SQ20’s “motion mode” will let you scrub thru a video to locate the body you suspect is best, after which print that precise second. Every other option will create a fake lengthy publicity, blurring the movement captured within the video. There’s also, uh, a faux 35mm movie strip border that may be applied to images captured in this mode.


Those are largely the only new capabilities here. Regrettably, the digicam also consists of a downgrade: a smaller sensor, from 1/4-inch on the SQ10 to 1/5-inch on the SQ20. The lens appears to be the same, with an f/2.4 aperture, but the smaller sensor way it’s now not taking pictures as wide a field of view as earlier than, going from a 28.5mm equal to 33.4mm.

Fujifilm is playing into that a bit, even though, by means of including a digital zoom feature, letting you punch in by using 4x. It’s the primary zoom function ever to make it onto an Instax camera, although all but one of the others weren’t digital.

Otherwise, this is very much the same camera as the SQ10, which was announced in April last year. It’s essentially a point-and-shoot digital camera with a photo printer built-in, allowing you some of the benefits of both approaches. There’s the immediate printing, but you also aren’t stuck printing out a bad shot if you missed your moment.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Instant Camera Price

The new Fujifilm camera will go on sale on October 20th. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet. The SQ10 initially launched for $280, but it’s now available for under $200. You’ll also need to buy plenty of square instant film packs, which cost $15 for 10 sheets.

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