Those of you that still prefer to use pen and paper while brainstorming or planning your ideas, making personal notes or just keeping a diary may be interested in a new fingerprint equipped writing notepad Dubbed as the Lockbook.

It is just a regular hardback notebook along with the additional high technology security that thrown in for when you need really to keep your mom’s nose out of business. Because it is the first ever notebook that featuring a fingerprint reader to unlocks the book just for its owner. If your fingerprint is not one of the options for unlocking the device, you will not be able to open it. This is made possible though a clasp of sorts in which a biometric scanner is located.



Lockbook Features

The company claims that the notebook use ‘high quality ink-friendly paper’, it  is very great for smooth writing. The lock is an active semiconductor sensor and it is said to have a lifetime of more than ten million unlocking instances. And thanks to the multiple pockets, so you can store documents, credit cards, pictures, and other items, all while knowing they are safe from prying eyes and hands. It is powered by a 160mAh battery featuring a microUSB charing port.The reaction time is less than half a second, and up to two access.

Lockbook Price

For just $80, you can have this wondrous tech when it starts shipping some time in June, which makes it perfect for going back to school. You can just take the risk at your own and get one for a pledging $60 on crowdfunding  Indiegogo. The company plans to offer the notebook in a variety of styles and colors, including smooth black or lace black, brown, red, lace pink, and lace orange.

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