Smart TVs are all the rage now, and the tech industry has been short to broaden merchandise to in shape that trend. Virtual assistants like Alexa have been included into the devices, and 3rd party app builders have created smart television-optimized versions in their software.

One tv-targeted product few ought to have seen coming is Logitech’s upcoming, aptly-named K600 tv Keyboard. The K600 does pretty a whole lot what you’ll anticipate – it combines the benefit of a fashionable remote with the software of a devoted keyboard.

This hybrid functionality should assist you to maneuver through menus, scroll via pages, and type lengthy URLs or messages with relative ease.

Logitech K600 TV Keyboard Features

Other than the plain advantages a keyboard would have over a far off with regards to text access on a television, the keyboard also comes equipped with a touch pad and directional pad. The touch pad specially is geared toward making internet browser navigation less complicated, and it isn’t hard to assume the D-pad coming in accessible for an expansion of apps (which includes games).


Logitech says that the K600 has a 15-meter wired-free range, so as long you’re in view of your tv, you can be quite a long way back from it and nevertheless use the keyboard. in case you want to apply the K600 with a computer (or a cellular device) you can do that too, because it makes use of Logitech’s clean-switch tech to facilitate switching among distinctive devices.

It isn’t very often that we hear of keyboards made specifically for smart TVs, but Logitech’s focus on the living room makes a good amount of sense. As TVs become more capable as computing devices, the amount of time we spend interacting with them grows, and inputting search queries in apps like Netflix with only a remote can be a major pain. Logitech’s keyboard will certainly help with that, and its additional controls mean it could prove useful in a number of other scenarios as well.

Logitech K600 TV Keyboard Price

If you want to snag the K600 for yourself, you can pre-order it now for $69.99, and you should receive it sometime in the next month. Not sure if your smart TV will be compatible? Logitech has launched a helpful “Compatibility Check” tool to help you figure that out.

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