TomTom has added a new model to its line-up of the sports watches with the TomTom Adventurer. The Adventurer takes the already excellent Spark and also gives it a winter sports twist. Think recording your mountain runs while you’re bombing downhill, and then automatically sticking a summary on your wrist while you’re on the ski lift back up to the top.

With the addition of a barometer to give a more accurate information than you’ll get from the GPS alone, the Adventurer doesn’t just track your progress, it also gives you 3D distance, taking into account the change in elevation too.

It will be able to measure distance, ascent, elevation and descent. Once it notices you’re on the lift it produces a summary card with details on max: speed of your past run, the total descent and the max: hill gradient.


TomTom Adventurer

In terms of features, you still get an music playback, optical heart-rate monitor and the new route exploration mode.

The TomTom Adventurer gets itself a boosted battery, it is designed to be used over a weekend, as well as the normal water resistance of 40m and a strap that’s rugged.

The Adventurer is not only for outdoor pursuits, however, as it will still offer you things like the run tracking for the rest of the year when you are not hitting the slopes in Morzine.

The Adventurer is going to cost $349.99, which is cheaper than Suunto and Garmin’s outdoor watches. It’s not launching until mid October, so there is a bit of a wait before you can go exploring with one.

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