If you like the concept of counting down to the movie with your very own BB-8 by your facet, you could do it with a big new Star Wars Lego package that includes more than 1,106 portions.

The Lego BB-8 has a wheel-activated rotating head and opening hatch with non-functioning (whew!) welding torch. While the completed Lego BB-8 model doesn’t roll, it does consist of a display stand and decorative fact plaque approximately the droid.

Star Wars BB-8 LEGO Set Design

That is a quite adorable star Wars LEGO set based on BB-8, the most important droid from star Wars: The Force Awakens. As we can see from the photographs, the whole LEGO BB-8 droid indicates off correct contours, exceedingly exceptional information and movable parts. The usage of an blanketed show stand measuring over 10 inches (26cm) and ornamental reality plaque, you may show the droid for your show off.

Star Wars BB-8 LEGO Set,

The entire BB-8 droid with out stand measures over 9 inches (25cm) tall and 5 inches (15cm) extensive. Furthermore, the LEGO set carries 1106 pieces to meticulously gift each element of the droid, and the BB-8 capabilities a wheel-activated rotating dome head. a gap hatch unveils a non-useful welding torch and internal gear machine while you twist another rounded element on the round body.

Star Wars BB-8 LEGO Set Price

The Star Wars BB-8 LEGO set is priced at $79.99 USD (£61, AU$105). If you are interested, jump to Amazon for its more details.

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