Toy maker Mattel’s state-of-the-art invention is a digitally rendered interactive Barbie — known as the Hello Barbie Hologram — and it is hitting shops in the fall this year. The toy will be priced at beneath $300, the company says.

It became unveiled at the Toy industry association’s annual fair event in New York, and Mattel stated the hologram on show is “just a glimpse” of what the very last product can be. Other than its holographic impact, the device also reportedly functions voice command compatibility similar to that of Amazon’s Echo or Google’s home device.

Not like previous Hello Barbie AI’s, Hello Barbie Hologram is designed to be a real digital assistant and could engage at the trigger phrases “hello Barbie.” The AI offers speech popularity and is designed to answer questions about the climate, news and is prepared to do “something a digital assistant can do,” a Mattel consultant said.

A hologram of Barbie lives inside a plastic field and is lively 24 hours so long as the toy stays plugged in. It is voice activated, means that kids can ask the device to change her look, such as her garments and skin tone.

The Barbie hologram can dance to pre-programmed song or to tune that is performed through a baby. Mother and Father may be capable of use a cell app to shop particular info inclusive of the kid’s birthday and her vicinity, on the way to be used to give weather reports. Mattel has not but showed how tons facts the hologram will don’t forget, but we understand she’ll be able to take reminders.

Currently, the hello Barbie Hologram sits on display at Mattel’s American worldwide Toy fair sales space, however, it’s simply a ridicule-up of the eventual completed product. Mattel hasn’t revealed the price, though it did say to plans for it to run lower than $three hundred. The hello Barbie Hologram launches later in 2017.

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