The free antivirus of Avira, is a bit more conventional in its layout than Avast, its main contender. It uses a list of menu options down the left hand side, with context based settings windows in the main part of the control screen. At first sight, it appears Avira bundles a firewall with its product, but this turns out to be an integrated front end to the Windows firewall.


Avira also supplies a trial version of its System Speedup app, which looks at junk files, the registry and privacy issues, but you only get one run, before you have to pay. Free Avira antivirus software is available for Android, iOS and Mac operating system, Windows also.


It is true to say that the industry average on these tests is a high 98% and 99% for the 2 classes, Avira is one of only six products to score a double 100%. This is exceptional, though the site’s test results have been getting closer to the perfect score. Functionality measures any speed hit caused by the software during typical daily use.

Avira Test measured no delay at all in its tests, which does not tie up with our result, where we saw a noticeable increase in copy time of 41%. Scanning our 50GB basket of files took one hour and 4 minutes to examine 398,910 files.

This compares to a scan rate of 103 files/second, sitting the program in the mid of the field. A repeat scan completed in 57 minutes, though looking at only five files fewer. The usability score, which looks at false warnings or detections, showed no errors throughout the tests by including in the one million plus samples used to show up false detections.

Setting up scans is straightforward, though the option icons are rather small, and there are many common profiles, such as full scan, quick scan and scans of specific drives, set up for you.


Avira Free Antivirus 2015 is a very good choice to protect your PCs.