Flic Hub is a new device from Shortcut Labs based in Stockholm Sweden, the team that created the original Flic Smart button, they needed to be paired with a smartphone app. Obviously, needing to own a smartphone is not much of a barrier to entry these days, but the new Flic Hub wants to free you from the app requirement all the same.

Flic Hub Design

The Flic Hub measures 85x50x15mm and weighs 99g. As we already see from the picture below, this new smart hub having a minimal and compact appearance design, means that you can easily deploy the hub anywhere in your room. Meanwhile, its solid white exterior enables it to blend well with various interior styles.

Flic Hub Features

The Flic smart hub comes equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi or even an Ethernet port which will be part of on your nearby community and interact with other smart gadgets in your house. using an elective IR accessory, the smart hub even lets in you to remotely control TVs, home amusement systems, air conditioners and extra IR equipped devices.

The smart hub supports up to 60 Flic smart buttons. Undoubtedly, it has the ability to handle all smart home devices in your house. Furthermore, each smart button supports three actions including click, double click and hold. Using its custom app you can easily connect every smart device with a smart button and create shortcuts for every button. In addition, the smart button features an ultra compact form factor and it’s IPX4 water resistant. Using reusable double sided adhesive you can easily attach the buttons anywhere in your house for easy access.

Flic Hub Price

The team of Flic has successfully raised over 0.2 million through Indiegogo, so the Flic hub need to be shipped in October 2017. Now we nonetheless can pledge $109 to preorder the smart hub with three Flic buttons.

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