If you are the one who have gone through the misfortune of data loss, so don’t be panic, there is a solution of every data loss problem. Whether you have lost data due to accidental deletion, formation or you were working with your files then sudden crash happened or unexpectedly lost your data due to hard drive damage, OS crash or may be due to lost partition?


You only required using the best and trustworthy data recovery software, such as EaseUS free data recovery software. This program is a comprehensive solution from different data loss situations. It is able to do various types of recovery including mac data recovery, memory card recovery, recycle bin recover after emptied, USB recovery and also capable to recover data from storage device, digital camera and smartphone as well.

How Does EaseUS Recover The Lost Data?

With just three steps you can recover your data easily and quickly and there is no need to be professional, thanks to EaseUS user friendly interface. The three steps are following under the head:

Step 1: Launch the EaseUS and Select a Location

EaseUS data recovery software is also available in free edition, so you can download it for trial and recover up to 2GB data for free. Once installation process has completed, launch the program and choose a location where you have lost your data and after that click the “Scan” button.


Step 2: Scanning

After clicking the scan button, the program starts scanning. The first scan will be a quick one while the later one, which touted as the Deep scan, takes more time but it goes deeper in order to find more lost data.


Step 3: Filter the Preview list and Recover Whatever You Need

After both scans have done, the EaseUS will show you a preview list to filter and make a decision on which file you need to recover. Once you select the file which you want to recover so just click the “Recover” button and within a couple of seconds your file will be recovered.


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